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Global Sourcing Center

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Global Sourcing Center


At Promogator, you know us for hundreds of quality promotional products, great selection & fast turn around times. We go out of our way to get the job done right and on time for our customers.

But did you know we can customize many of our products specific to your customer's marketing objectives? Let our Global Sourcing Center team work for you to design just the right promotional product for your next event or promotion.

We stand by our beliefs that have made our company what it is today

Great Service & Support

High Quality Promotional Products

Product Safety & Compliance

Put our team to work for you! With offices in Shanghai and Mexico City we have partnered up with some of the best factories to get you not only a great price for your next custom promotional product but a product that will achieve great success in your marketing efforts. Expect a savings of up to 30% but lead times will vary up to 30-45 days so plan ahead!

We thrive on helping you build your perfect promotional item to truly enhance any brand. Let us know what more we can do for you!

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