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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to submit an estimate for quoting you will need to first create an online account. The process is very easy and can be done in less than 3 minutes, once you are a member you can now submit an online estimate. Hover your mouse to the top of the page and click Estimate/PO or under the my account section choose the Estimate/PO in the dropdown menu. Once you are there you can easily click new inquiry and follow the steps. The Estimates portal is used for customers who wish to bring in their own items for printing. Can't find something you like on our site? No problem! Bring in your items and we can print them for you.

We don't have a minimum order quantities when it comes to printing but we do charge a minimum dollar amount for each order. Aside from setup fees which are typically $55 per color per location we charge you a print minimum on all orders 1-100 units. The Print minimum insures that we cover our time to run a job, some parts may take up to 3-4 hours setting up on a machine, if we only charged you per unit we would not be able to run our business. Since all parts are different we have a different charge for minimums you will need to submit an estimate for more accurate pricing.

We have been notorious for achieving miracles in the printing process. Companies large and small choose promogator to get the job done when it comes to custom printing. We have equipment that can print up to 5 colors for pad printing. Depending on the logo we have printed logos that have 10 colors in two passes. If you have questions about a job feel free to submit an estimate or simply email us Keep in mind we charge a plate setup per color and per location and your price for print will go up depending on the number of colors and size of your job.

The size of the print area typically depends on the part. In most cases we can print edge to edge but when it comes to cylinder it gets tricky to print due to the technology of the printing. We try figure out the best print method and solution when quoting a job to get the maximum client satisfaction. We send a proof before printing and print 1 production sample before any order to insure quality. Please submit an estimate or if you have questions email

All customer provided products require a mold & plate to get the jobs started. Molds hold the parts in place so you can get the most accurate printing on your products. A typical mold can run you anywhere from $40-$200 and is a one time setup charge. Plates are priced per color and per location. The plate charge is $55 and includes film, plate & custom pms mixing charge. Our pricing structure is quantity driven, for orders over 100+ you will receive a per piece price, if you order is under 100 units you will receive a print min charge. Since all parts are different and require different processes you will need to submit a custom estimate to get a more accurate quote. Please make sure you give the most details as possible to receive an accurate price.

We allow you to drop ship any of your orders inside the promogator platform. You will need to create an account and connect your shipping account under My Account >> Shipping Providers. Once you connect either your Fedex, UPS or DHL all of your orders will now ship from your shipping account. Alternatively inside your RTS (Real Time Status) inside your orders you can upload shipping labels before the job is completed so we can attach them to your boxes before the order ships. Drop shipping will allow you to expand your printing business by selling custom printed merchandise, you can now bring in your own items from amazon, bestbuy or any other retailer and we can pad print them for you!

We offer over 50+ unique imprint methods. Promogator is the leader in promotional products sales and contract printing services. If you are looking to brand your items you have come to the right place, our easy to use online estimate tool ca show you all the different types of printing services we offer. If you have any questions feel free to email us or simply submit an online estimate today!

No you will not need to submit an estimate if the item is already on our website. To receive special pricing you can sign up for our resale program and upload your Resale Certificate. This will give you exclusive pricing on all of our website. You can also try to submit a "Make an Offer" and if we accept your price we will start order. If you require a PDF estimate you can click on "Create Estimate" on the products detail page and it will generate an estimate for you to take to your accounting department for approval. Once you get approval for your estimate you can login pay and it will automatically become an order. If you have any questions feel free to email us or call 877.737.8191

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