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No matter your list target, be it purple-haired grannies to professionals, we’ve got you covered. Because there’s no better data available, there’s no better guarantee than the PromoGator Data Guarantee. We promise a certain high level of deliverability on our data (eg. 94%+ on our Premium Consumer Data) that you can quote to your customers. If we fall short, you won’t owe a penny. Learn about our lists along with all the different types of criteria to choose from.

Consumer Premium Data
Acxiom Consumer
D&B Business Data
D&B Business Data : Platinum Package
Mortgage Data
New Borrowers
New Homeowners Monthly
New Homeowners Weekly
New Movers Monthly
New Movers Weekly
& Much Much More!

You can search your data by zipcode, by SIC code and much more. No matter how specific you want your data we got you covered. Call us for a free consultation you will not be let down by our team!

Consumer Data

What it is:
Source of nearly 200 million individuals with demographic and psychographic information as well as buying behaviors.

Why PromoGator:

  • Flexibility – We don’t force our customers to a certain list compiler, though we certainly make recommendations. PromoGator uses both Excelsior Consumer Data, when deliverability and premium selects are your top concerns, as well as Acxiom data, the most comprehensive consumer list available.
  • Quality – Don’t settle for lower cost, lower quality data. In a recent study, Acxiom’s data came out on top against its regular Consumer list competitors. And with our premium Consumer file, Excelsior, we guarantee even higher deliverability rates. Give our Consumer data a try. You’ll find better lists means better results.
  • Freshness – One thing that sets us apart from the competition is that we always host our data with the compiler. That means the day their data is updated, we have access to it. Also, on the Excelsior Consumer file, that data is double cleansed during the compilation process, making it the freshest data available.


Occupant Data

What it is:
A list source of over 150 million residents (homes / apartments / trailers) and 12 million business locations.

Why PromoGator:

  • Technology – What separates us in the marketplace is the technology we employ to provide the most targeted Occupant data you could find. Our drive-time radius gathers prospects who can most easily reach a destination. Polygon mapping technology lets users draw their geography; great for designating franchise territories as well as selecting areas required by city ordinances.
  • Targeting – Most people don’t associate targeting with Occupant lists, but it turns out that communities within the same carrier route often look the same. That’s why we offer carrier route targeting on our Occupant data: from average income in a carrier route to median age, home value, length of residence, even % of ethnicity in a carrier route.
  • Quality – While all Occupant data is derived from the same master database of all addresses in the country, at PromoGator we make sure our customers receive only the best of it. A quick example of this is retirement homes where the postal service may call for 100 or more address drops, we limit our drops to just 20 – the number of people we have found, through experience, able and willing to respond.

Business Data

What it is:
Database of businesses and professionals nationwide.

Why PromoGator:

  • Choice – We offer both major compilers of business data, InfoUSA as well as D&B, so you can get the right file for your needs.
  • Expertise – Just because the data is available, does not mean it’s the best list for the job. Our expert list agents are there to help you determine which list to use in every situation. For example, when to use D&B or InfoUSA as your compiler. They also can steer you towards Business Specialty Data when it is available, such as for churches, government agencies, doctors, nurses and more.
  • Freshness – One thing that sets us apart from the competition is that we always host our data with the compiler. This means the day their data is updated, you have access to it!

Real Property Data

What it is:
Database sourced primarily through county recorder information of homeownership and mortgage related data.

Why PromoGator:

  • Accuracy – Our Real Property data comes straight from the source, so you can be sure that the information is real data and not modeled.
  • Coverage – We reach more households than any other mortgage compiler, so your counts are higher and your customers are happier.
  • Freshness – We don’t just “update” our mortgage data every month, we completely recompile it.
  • Breadth – You’ll find our Real Property data has a wide range of information to provide you the most targeted information available: 1st and 2nd mortgage rates, loan types, loan amounts, number of rooms, presence of a pool and/or a fire place, and much more.

New Homeowners Data

What it is:
Multiple databases covering weekly and monthly New Homeowners.

Why PromoGator:

  • Selection – We offer a weekly and monthly New Homeowners file as well as a weekly New Homeowners file to give our customers a variety of choices with regard to data and selects.
  • Targeting – We append detailed information onto our monthly New Homeowners data so our customers can take advantage of better targeting. Combine new homeowners with loan amounts, income, loan to value, lender type and more. The results will speak for themselves.
  • Subscription – Save time and money with PromoGator’s subscription service. With no minimums or e-mails fee with a 3-month trial, it’s a great way to save money and have your data delivered right to your e-mail box every day, week or month.

Movers Data

What it is:
Multiple databases covering weekly and monthly moves, pre-movers as well as new constructions.

Why PromoGator:

  • Comprehensive – From our monthly and weekly New Movers for “welcome to the neighborhood” mailings, to Pre-Mover and New Construction data for companies such as satellite dish resellers. When you need it there fast and fresh, PromoGator is your source.
  • Expertise – With so many kinds and types of mover lists available, leave it up to your PromoGator list agent to find the right one for you. Just mention the nature of your offer and we’ll suggest the mover list to give you the best ROI on your mailing.
  • Subscription – Save time and money with PromoGator’s subscription service. With no minimums or e-mail fees with a 3-month trial, it’s a great way to save money and have your data delivered right to your e-mail box every day, week or month.

Bankruptcies Data

What it is:
Database of consumer bankruptcies nationwide.

Why PromoGator:

  • Accuracy – Our bankruptcy data comes straight from public records and is received from county courthouses nationwide.
  • Simplicity – The file is available through our count system or by contacting your list agent. Need a count in seconds? Go online and run a count right now – even while speaking with your client on the phone. It’s that easy.
  • Security – When ordering some of the more unusual lists, like bankruptcies, it is great to know that a company like PromoGator is standing behind the data. We sell nearly a billion records yearly and offer our clients only the very best lists on the market.
  • Freshness – Bankruptcy information is accumulated on an ongoing basis, posted new every month.

Specialty Data

What it is:
Access to thousands of compiled and response-based databases to meet whatever your needs.

Why PromoGator:

  • Selection – As one of the largest wholesalers of mailing lists in the country, PromoGator has access to all known data sources. Have an unusual list request? If it’s out there, we can get it for you.
  • Knowledge – Not all data is created equal and our experienced reps know this more than anyone. So while having access to unusual mailing lists is nice, knowing which sources work and which do not keep their lists up-to-date, is imperative when choosing a mailing list. Talk to your rep about getting the most accurate data for your needs.



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