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Level Price  
Community MAP 2 Hours $49.95 per Month. Select
City MAP 6 Hours $149.95 per Month. Select
County MAP 12 Hours $299.95 per Month. Select
Regional MAP 25 Hours $599.95 per Month. Select
Global MAP 50 Hours $1,195.95 per Month. Select

Welcome to MAP a simple Monthly Advertising Program developed with the consumer in mind. MAP allows a user to stretch its advertising dollar further by providing a wide range of services at a low fixed rate. Companies claim that they can save you money every month on advertising but if you really look at it how many companies actually save you money? MAP is a very simple concept. You are a business owner and your business requires you to do some sort of advertising every month to stay afloat and keep up with the competition. Like any business it requires attention, unfortunately not everything can be done by one person. When your company subscribes to the MAP you will automatically have an account created with our company. Having a MAP subscription now grants you access to all of our creative services for a very low fixed rate. You now have the ability to advertise your business with no hidden fees. MAP lets you choose how much you want to spend every month on advertising. When you are a MAP subscriber we assign an account manager to your company which will handle all the day to day operations of the marketing side of your business in essence freeing up you the business owner from the time consuming tasks done on an every day basis allowing you to focus on what matters most , your business! MAP is perfect for startup companies and growing business’ who do not necessarily have the budget to allocate funds to hire a full-time marketing manager or director. With MAP You get access to Creative Services, SEO help, Website Edits, Graphic Design, Copywriting and much much more. Imagine having access to a team of marketing professionals for a low fixed rate. With plans starting as low as $50 a month MAP can be affordable on any budget!


Sample Image The reality is that overhead mismanagement is the #1 reason why companies struggle. With MAP you won’t need to hire a full time marketing manager or director. You get an arsenal of creative professionals by your side for a low fixed rate. MAP has no hidden fees. In this industry artwork charges and creative planning is a large expense. Since we do most of our fulfillment and advertising in-house we can afford to offer a low fixed rate for the creative side of the business. We pass the savings on to you! Whether you need to make changes to your website, or simply produce new copy for an ad you are about to run in a local newspaper we are there to assist you with NO HIDDEN FEES! In the past companies have tried to nickel and dime you for every piece of your business. If you were going to update a business card you were getting charged an arm an a leg, if you were going to make a change on your website your programmer would overcharge you since they have no work.


Upon enrollment of the MAP you will be set up with a dedicated account manager who will guide you through the marketing process. The role of the account manager is to help your company and assist your needs for your future advertising projects. Account managers plan and organize your marketing schedules and are on top of all aspects of your marketing department. Depending on the project that your business is currently working on multiple personnel from our company will be assisting to make sure your advertising projects are done right. Every month we will go over your needs for the business and work accordingly. Planning is key in the advertising process and we understand that every client has different needs and ideas. All of the work that is done is tailored for your business in order to insure success. MAP will not only save you time but money! You are the boss you choose how many hours of services you need and we help you accordingly every single month! We are your partner in business.


All of our MAP subscribers receive a unique username and password that is created once you get enrolled through our online portal. This unique user id will allow you to work closely with our company and our software. We manage all your files and they can be access remotely. Every project is labeled in our easy to use MAP File Manager in folders and according files are stored in the appropriate folders. Your account manager will walk you through everything that will be needed to work on the project you request to work on. Management is a key factor in making the MAP work and it starts with client interaction.

Why PromoGator MAP?

You have to ask yourself Why? Why do I need to market my business? Why do I need to advertise my business? Why is it so important? The answer is easy, MAP! MAP is a unique product created by PromoGator which makes it easy to advertise your business at a low fixed cost. No Need to hire a random programmer or graphic designer from the internet or job posting sites who fluff their resumes to get the job. We have a proven system that works, don’t take our word for it look at all our client testimonials.
  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • No Need for expensive overhead
  • Low Fixed Rates
  • Dedicated Account Manger
  • MAP File Manager Software
  • Fast response and turnarounds
  • All work done in-house
  • No Hidden Fees
  • One Low Monthly Payment
  • No need to train new employees
  • Hire creative without headaches
  • College educated talent
  • No commitments
  • Avoid Paycheck or Workers Comp Taxes
  • Get the job done right
  • Increase productivity
  • Bring your ideas too life
  • Instant setup of account
  • Easy yet affordable

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